My Korean food diary

My very first experience with korean food was in the airplane cause I flew with Korean Air but you know it was not probably that authentic.

Since I arrived to university it all began. At the back gate of the university there are dozen of places to eat cheap eg. a waffle for 1$ or 4$ stews with side dishes. Unfortunately for me I didnt eat meals containing meat (I came to Korea as vegan) at the beginning. Very easily I started eating milk products and after like 2 months I gave up and began eating at least fish meat. Anyway I found Korean food not that healthy it lacks greeny stuff in my opinion. Still it tastes quite good though. Every meal comes with guess what? Kimchi! And of course the spicier the better. Here is food photo diary video where you can see what I basicly ate for 4 months. 

>Ahhh I miss korean food so much.