Farewell Korea

It is impossible to retell you everything from my exchange in Korea nevertheless here is at least a short summary.

I didnt know anything about Korea before coming there but I knew I will get know more soon or later. Korea is somehow quite wierd or rather say different from the place Im from. Some of you might argue that every country has its differences and unique things and you are certainly right but Korean culture is special. I think its basicly everything from their fashion to behaviour in publicity. Here are some characteristic signs for distinguishing koreans.
Selfie stick, only with it you can take proper selfies.
Sharing food, they share even a burger in McDonald.
Obsession with bright skin, they put sun block every day and plus that I have neer seen such young girls wearing makeup
Huge frame glasses, some of them wear only frames without a glass, the purpose of it is to make your face looking smaller.
Crossing hands in X as an expression for signalizing No, I am still using it cause it is very useful and clear.

And could continue like this in the whole blog. What I also perceived about koreans is that they are very friendly, thoughtful, ambitious and hardworking. If someone asked me whether I want to come back to Korea in future or not my answer would be definitely yes. I can imagine working there because of people, super safeness and also salary is quite high, not sure about raising kids though (cause fucked education system).

Lets talk about what I (not) learned. I think Im repeating myself nevertheless at my university the level of education was somewhere between high school and college so frankly courses I took really sucked however courses in Korean might be better. Therefore the whole exchange gave me something else – friends. I met more people in 4 months than in last 3 years. Surely it is natural when you live at one place for a really long time you end in the limited circle of people unless you are extremely outgoing so then you try to meet a someone everyday. New unexplored enviroment makes you curious. It drives you to go out there into the unknown world fearless, full of expectations and waiting for an opportunity to show the world what you are capable of. Meeting all those people opened my eyes indeed. We shared our life stories, cultures, personal values, we found common passions and so on and so forth. I realized that understanding other cultures is so so complex. In a practical way having friends all over the world is very handy isnt it. Beside new people I think on the second place would be independence. Even though I shared a room with other 3 roommates I still had plenty of time being alone thinking about what I want to do in the future, I improved my weaknesses and was making desicions which I think is important because from mistakes we learn. Im also very positive that my english has significantly improved and in this new era of international jobmarket I cant be anything more than happy about it. So is there any downside? I believe there is not a signle thing except spending more money than usual however its and investment to my future and moreover the experience itself is priceless.

Im sure it would be the same if I went to any other country. So if you are considering going abroad to study, work or whatever my answer is GO no matter what!
Here is a selfie compilation :D (Note: Please dont think Im a selfie addict)