Dobongsan hiking

Half dreaming and half listening to my lazy morning playlist.

I have been hiking last two weeks so be prepared to go into the wild today! What I learned from my first hike is the less you bring wit yourself the better and never underestimate ajummas (middle age women).

View from the resting point

This time I had the great fellowship with me Nic from Mallaysia. Dobongsan was our challange that day. Sorrounded by the grey mist, fearless we started climbing up the the hill each carying a kimbab for the lunch as a reward for getting up to the peak. Even though it was raining the day before so the ground was quite wet which was a bit dangerous nothing could stop us that day, once we accepted the challenge there was no way back. We passed two cool temples on the way up. When the only thing you can see arround are trees, rocks and small little streams of pure water flowing down from the up hill your mind switch to the different state. It is like being in another world full of warm autumn colors and the fresh cold air reminds you that all your senses should be ready and sharp in case of emergency.

Photo point, I think I can see the peak :D

Hiking is a national sport in Korea so whenever you go a mountain there is always someone whom you can talk to or just simply say hello with a smile on your face while breathing heavily covered in swat climbing up. Sometimes it is really fun, there was a guy who was repeating again and again on the way down that I look like a Korean. I don’t know whether I should consider it as a compliment or not.

The way up took 2 hours so 4 hours hike in total. And it was only a bit tough so with few breaks I think it is definitely possible for everyone to hike there. The first ¾ of the trail was easy and I expected the rest will be more diffucult however still the path didnt get crazily steep. Finally getting to the top was quiet scary I would say even more than at Beakunde peak.

From the peak

The next weekend I challanged Beakunde peak again It supposed to be my last hike in Korea because the weather forecast for upcoming week was saying it will start snowing (it was right, the temprature dropped significantly two days later) so even though I have already been there and I decided not go there anymore I knew it will be worth of going and it was my last time. Endurance wasnt a problem for me however 6 hours hike must left some traces on you. My knees were in pain at the end. We didnt meet many people on the way up but traditionally the final trail to the top was crowdy.

Check out the video!