Swedish and Czech guy in Japan

The typical Q&A when we met someone.

So what is your story?
Well this tall hairy guy standing next to me is from Sweden and I am asian looking guy from Czech republic and we are both exchange students in Seoul, South Korea.

And what are you doing in Japan?
We are traveling! We heard many many rumors about Japan and we are here to find out whether all those things are true or not. 

Bullet train aka Shinkansen

The beauty of spontaneous actions
Turned off 2 alarm clocks, putting cloth on in 5 second, arriving to the train station 8 minutes before the train departures. Thats our 4th day morning in Japan. A beautiful lanscape scenery of the countryside can be observed behind the perfectly cleaned window of the local train. Small traditional houses, electricity wires hanging above them everywhere but what really makes me feeling calm and fascinated at the same time are the misty mountains in the background. We are heading to the little town Kinosaki where many local people enjoy hot springs.
  --- 6 hours later ---
Kinosaki was very different from previous cities we have seen so far. The atmosphere of the city completely immersed our mind as well as our body after hiking a small mountain and deserved relaxation at one of the 7 local hot spring places. There were two pools, on of them was outside builded in the cave. It looked sooo cool. Even though it was outside the water was still really hot for me that I coulnt stay there more than 5 minutes haha :D. Pleaseantly tired we are sitting in the bullet train to Tokio right now. (Realized we were in the first class ^_^ afterward)


Bamboo advanture

Cant walk but still being positive
I just woke up from 2 hours nap haha! Feeling totally exhausted. We were walking a lot past few days plus I didnt sleep enough to fully recover my muscles. Its actually our last night today. We are in Shinkansen (Bullet train) back to Osaka where we gonna transfer to the train to Kansai airport straightly. We spent our last in Tokio by visiting the national museum (near Ueno station). I must admit that seeing all the stuff from past centuries really impressed me and the question “How they created this?” was popping up in my mind all the time. Then we visited big Sensoji temple near by.


Running symbol in Osaka

Breakfast @ Fish market

Crazy robot restaurant

Japan in a nutshell
Im using mostly Korea as a reference for comparison. People there looked more casual in the sense of clothing. What I really appreciated was beeing able to keep an eye contact with people on streets. They spoke English better so we didnt have problem to communicate at all. People were extremely polite. Ticket fares of subway or trains were insanely expensive. 

The Great Buddha

One of the highlights of our trip was bathing in hot spring in the small town Kinosaki northern from Osaka and visiting the fish market at 5 am in Tokio where we had an opportunity to eat the freshest sushi, a truly amazing experience :-)