Living & Studying => First week

I live in dormitory called Biryongjae where about other 1000 students live. There are 4 of us who share the 24m2 room . I share it with one swedish hipster and two very kind koreans. The whole university - all the buildings like library etc are formed into one huge complex. So there are over 10 buildings. I really like the campus its soooo beatiful when the sun shows up I wish you could see it. There is even an airplane! In the morning there is a broadcast with some chill out music and this make my day even better but it is in korean so I just translate it to myself as a motivating speech like “Enjoy this beatiful day” or “You look amazing today”.



The food we are getting at the dormitory cafetiria is very bad so I prefer eating off the campus (I will write about food in some later post). Anyway the atmosphere at the campus is incredible lively during a day there are so many people walking arround from one building to another or just resting on benches chatting with each other.


I have been so far to 3 classes taught in english and teachers werent bad at all I mean their level of english is ok however for instance at the class called Presenation and Discussion the teacher was speaking super slow perhaps because of korean students whose english to be honest is that good as one would expect or they are just shy I dont know.

Inha University skyline

Korean haircut ft. room8 aka Deukwon