First trip -> Busan

Everyone who visit Korea usually come to the seacoast city on the east named Busan eventually so we had not even warmed up our seats at classes and on the sunday morning we were sitting on the bus excited about seeing a proper real sea. Koreans celebreated a Chuseok, something similiar to a thanks giving day, so there was no school form monday to wednesday. All students left to their home to spend it with their family. We got there via a bus because it was cheaper then a train but it took about 6 hours to get to the center from Incheon. Yey our first trip!

:D start of the trip
Really nice info guy

All koreans are so nice and kind. When we arrived to Busan bus station two people stopped offering help. The info guy on the photo above showed us all the place we can visit at Busan and practically outlined the entire vacation for us.

The pinky cute room
As a proper tourists we started with visiting a temple and then moved to national park afterward. At the evening we went to the city center to taste some street food which was actually really good.

Temples everywhere


More than a sunset

The classic night street
The next day we had a breakfast on the beach! Altough we wanted to stay and relax there a little bit more we chose to visit the culture village because it was our last day at Busan. And it showed up as a good idea at the end because it was something new and the view from the village was also really nice.

Breakfast at Mons & Thang!
Culture village
Art house

Fish wall

Although Busan is 3 times smaller city then Seoul the metro infrastructure is still quite big there and traveling from one place to another still took like 1 hour. In a nutshell in 3 days we had walked more than 20km, experienced something new everyday and mainly enjoyed korean culture.