First day first impression South Korea

At the dorm listening to Korean RnB. The Korean know how to dress well expecially young generation. The number of people speaking english here appears to be nearly 0. When I asked someone today they whether didnt know anything or answered with only few basic words. In contrast english level of my two korean roommates is really really good. So maybe it wont be such as bad. Anyway when the train (subway) from Incheon airport got out of a tunnel up to the ground, my jaw instantly dropped because the view of everything alongside rails was so different comparing to the europe and to be honest I did not expect that at all. It wasnt particulary more beatiful or something but it attracted me because my eyes havent seen it before. Altough The subway net is really huge It was not expecially hard to get to the right place. So I eventually arrived to the INHA University completly exhausted after tough walking tour with the heavy bag and a lot of improvisation due I got lost because I wanted to get there in my own without a taxi. That was pretty much all about the first day in Korea.

First metro ticket!

Breathtaking view from the train

French shop where I bought water when got lost