Heading North

To be honest I always struggle a bit with writing a post. Never know what to say. Here are the photographs enjoy :D. So hopefully you will also enjoy the reading part.

I think there are only few occasions in your life when you meet someone who has a strong influence on your personality, thinking, behavior and you know shapes who you are or will be. And sometimes you might not even notice when its actually happening but you realize it later when you reflect your past. One of such persons in my life lives in the very southest city of Sweden -> Malmo. And I had an opportunity to visit him this summer.

When you travel to some place beyond borders of your home country most of the times you get fascinated by every single thing because its new/different from what you are used to. So basicly even if its very ordinary thing you just like it. So whenever I hear a story from my friends travels its full of words like amazing, cool, beatiful, I wish I could stay longer. And my story from Malmo is not an exception.

I really liked the city. Since the land is very flat there the infrastructre for cyclists is well builded so I had hard time avoiding their paths and almost crashed with someone few times :D There were so many people cycling arround, what a great way to stay fit and also being less harmful to the environment. However the best part was the ocean! Oh dear, I would never had enough of lying near by the sea listening to its calmy and majestic sounds.

Picture time! :)