The Konstruktor

I had so much fun running arround Old Prague Town with my lomo camera taking photographs for Scavenger hunt. A week after when I came to get photos taken that day the shop owner told me I became one of the winners :D Whaaat?! My trophie was the cutting-edge plastic camera called Konstruktor and as its name suggests it was delivered totally disassembled. What the hell Im suppose to do with all those little tiny pieces??? This little unconspicious black box took nearly 3 hours to put together. It was obviously worth of effort however it really tested my ability to stay concentrated longer than 5 minutes.

It was my first experience with a camera where viewfinder is placed on the top. It was quite challenging to get use it at the beginning because the image moves entirely to the opposite way .

Here are two presentable shoots (the rest look like if the camera was drunk when shooting :D)