[Refugees] Volunteering @ Bapska (Serbia)

When friend of mine told me his friend has 1 spot left in a car which was about to go to Croatia/Serbia to help refugees I didnt hesitate a sec and joined them, though I got really anxious when thinking about the whole journey.

Next morning I was sitting a big van on the way to Serbia. Still scared as hell...

Everything ended up well and we got safely back home. I wrote like 5 A4 papers of notes about our experience. But I will keep it secret for now :). Instead I made a short video orginally just for myself also however I think its worth of sharing. I hope it will spread the positive wave rather than negative!

And of course I took some frames.

Kilometres to dreamed Croatia. A week from the the day we arrived this road was the main highway to cross borders from Serbia to Croatia.

We were forced to leave our load (mainly clothes, bags, food) in a small village Tovarnik (Croatia) in order to get through Serbian borders.

This kind man was making tables with electricity plugs for refugees so they can charge their phones etc.

Tereza (Czech volunteer) directing us telling what we should bring from stuff we smuggled through borders. She arrived 2 days before we did. Even though she had lightly twisted ankle and was hardly walking she was still runnning arround and helping.

The very first checkpoint where groups of refugees were gathered for crossing borders to Croatia.

Everyone tried to help as much as they could pushing their limits to maximum. Majority of volunteers hardly slept.

Croatia/Serbia border.

Ohh I would almost forget :D, here is the short footage.

Next post with more photographs here.